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Terms and Conditions

Club Entry

This is absolutely basic: don't even think of leaving home without this! Everyone must bring a valid photo ID. That generally means a passport or modern style driving licence, otherwise check whether any alternative would be accepted. Without this you won't gain entry to any club, no matter what.

Dress Code

How to make sure you all get in

Dress code is strict in all the venues, otherwise expect problems. The general rule is: No effort, No entry! To clarify and avoid disappointments, Dress Code enforced at doors is:


Smart. No loose T-shirts, No loose jeans, No baggy, trainers, hats or caps. Shirts, Shoes or fashionable outfit is advised.


Dresses and high heels or fashionable outfit advised in top venues. Too sport look might also be rejected.


Boys only groups will find it difficult to enter any night clubs, make sure that you bring MIXED groups as your guests.

Publicity and Photography

All publicity relating to your event falls under the ownership of If we throw a party for you, Roc*Parties owns the copyright to any pictures and videos taken at or for the event. Photographs can be provided to clients by arrangement.